Musicians are made, not born

We believe musicians are made but it is a public opinion, for some reason or another that musicians are born and not made by means of learning. If you are under this impression you may learn to think differently by reading this article.

baby_musicianIf wanting to play piano, some folks may think they don’t have what it takes, such as longer fingers built for playing the keys. In the role of a singer someone may think they don’t have a singer’s voice or pitch. Maybe someone else doesn’t think he can learn to play a guitar for whatever reason.

Think you’re too old?

There is also this common misconception that the older a person gets the ‘worse off’ they are with learning a particular subject within music. Recent science has debunked this old theory.

Just like the notion that most people believe about kids being able to learn languages easier than adults. There is a popular story about Genie, a child that was secluded for years. When she was released she was able to learn to speak English in bits and pieces. Her sentences that she formed were really basic and didn’t make much sense.

Science has basically confirmed that even though people get older their learning capacity doesn’t diminish as once believed.

Adults can learn just as well as children:

  • Experience takes time which makes a person better instead of worse. Inevitably, you become older within this process.
  • There are many great new musicians that are of an older age

Our tip to any older aspiring musicians is to keep on pushing. Remain motivated and diligent in your learning.

Become the best musician you can

To become a better musician you’ll need to constantly improve upon your skills. For instance if you want to be the best at making beats you’ll need to to be willing to make hundreds, if not thousands of beats just to get good at it. This same work ethic applies across the board for anything musically, let alone anything good in life.

Our brains are just like muscles, especially in the sense that if you don’t work out / keep learning your muscle will definitely shrink.

Sure, musicians become ‘rusty’ over time but this doesn’t completely destroy the experience, knowledge and skill that is gained while learning about music and practicing it.

It’s easier for some

Just folks can just appears to be a little more talented than others at particular things in life. This case is especially true if that person is raised in a household/family that practices the same talents.

I believe that these individuals kinda suck up the musical talents from their family members and upbringing. Furthermore, the constant and over time activity such as this forms better within the brain.

Don’t lose hope

No matter how you feel you shouldn’t lose hope. It doesn’t matter if you are super young, nor does it matter if you don’t have a super skill or even been brought up in the craft of whatever it is you want to excel with. All that matters is you doing your best and learning from the experience as you go.

This is how some of the best musicians are formed, just take a look at the current music landscape.

Rock on!

Introducing, TF Academy!

We are proud to announce our new music school / learning area – TuneFreak Academy!

We’ve received quite a bit of feedback from TuneFreak users and visitors about things such as:

  • how to make beatstunefreak-academy-online-music-school
  • how to freestyle
  • what makes a good rapper
  • becoming a better musician
  • and more.

With these requests we’ve decided to partner with some of the best musicians, producers, managers and more to bring you the best training. Hence the creation of TF Academy.

What is TuneFreak Academy?

TF Academy is an online resource that you can use for free to learn things about making music, becoming successful within the industry and how to make your first dollar.

With there being so many different quality musicians all over the world any additional help is good. We’re going to strive and create the best online resource complete with all types of training that you can use to immediately perfect your musical craft.

Can I Help Out?

If you’d like to become a part of TF Academy please drop us a line by using this contact form. We’ll get back with you as soon as possible about your request. By becoming a part of TF Academy early on you stand not only to help aspiring musicians but also to boost your name and credibility. We also take care of our partners and volunteers by means of TuneFreak services.

How Much Does it Cost?

Our Academy doesn’t cost anything, especially in our beginning phases. If this changes we’ll likely lock in our existing users on a free plan so they may continue to access our wonderful training content and resources.

I Want to Join!

Hold your horses! TF Academy is still being finished up by our programmers, trainers and coaches. In the coming weeks we’ll have assembled our entire online music school complete with a registration / signup button.

Current TuneFreak users will receive their invites via email once everything is ready. So, if you want an early bird notice simply register for a TuneFreak account (it comes with a free musician website and all sorts of useful tools for music makers).

We look forward to boosting your career and assisting you in creating even more awesome music!