Frontend Editor On the Way!


You’ll be proud to know that we are working on a new website editor that’ll be much easier to use than ever before!


Currently, we allow our users to edit their musician websites via our backend control panel. This works well but we are working on a way that will allow you to more easily update your website and see the changes while you perform them. Near instantly and without all of the headache some web editors bring into play (simple to use).

We believe this will be a huge help to those that may not be the most computer savvy. Plus it’ll be a much faster way for you to create your website if you can see what you are editing while you edit it.

What will happen to the backend?

The backend will still remain and will still be used for more specific tasks such as creating / sending emails to you fans, approving / replying to comments from fans, adding products / music for sale on your website, and other tasks.

New TuneFreak theme

Along with the new frontend editor we are going to be releasing a new theme specifically for the new website frontend editor. This new theme will become our base for themes that we will release in the future that’ll feature the new frontend editor.


The new TF6 theme is fully responsive, this means that no matter who or how someone visits your music focused website they’ll have no issues viewing it. From mobile phones to tablets to full desktop web browsers everyone will be able to see your content.

What are you waiting for?

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