Frontend Editor Updates

Good day TuneFreakers!

We have a little more information on our upcoming front-end editor that we will be releasing to musicians soon.

You may have questions involving this new editor such as what it does and how it’ll be helpful for you to use. Wonder no more as here are some answers.

What is a Front End?

A frontend of a website is what people will see when they visit your TuneFreak website. On the other side of things a backend is a place that is usually of administrative aspect. Backends are usually where you would do editing to your website, approve comments/guestbook entries, view statistics and get customer details for shipping out products that you sell on your musician website.

The problem / disconnect is that many musicians are not technical programming geniuses (they are when it comes to music though!). We are doing our best to fix this issue that many of our users are having when they sign up for a website from us. The disconnect between the backend editing and what they website looks like.

Ok, so about the Editor


We have been working hard for months on our new frontend editor. It’s similar to how old MySpace pages use to be edited in the past — something many millions of people know how to do easily. It’s also like Facebook where you see what you can edit before you edit it.

This makes it extremely easy for a novice or an expert to edit their website, with or without any technical training.

What about the Backend?

Our administration panel area also referred to as the backend will remain in place. This new frontend editor is 99% geared for design and not for handling other tasks such as the ones outlined above. We believe this will definitely address frustrations of new users simply wanting to create something cool, really quickly and easily.

Frontend Editor Features

The new frontend editor will allow you to edit pretty much all sections that you could before:

  • Header image
  • About section
  • Media news
  • Audio player (extended!)
  • Comments / Guestbook
  • Social Media links
  • and more

There are, however, some new additions that we’ve added. We do listen to what our users request, after all!

  • Background color editing
  • Background image editing
  • Page title editing
  • and much more

Hang tight as we will be releasing our first theme with this new website editor implemented. We’ll be sending out an email to all current TuneFreak users to let them know when it’s ready.

Afterwards, we’ll be creating all of our themes using our new technology!

Rock on TuneFreakers, rock on!!