New: Fundraising for Musicians

New: Fundraising for Musicians

We’ve been hard at work on our latest tool for musicians such as rappers, bands, singers and others. This new tool will allow you to create your own fundraising website that you can use to gain funding the crowdfunding way.


  • Raise money for things (CD production, going on tour, etc)
  • Give fans special offers for donating to your cause
  • Quick, fast and easy

Finally gain the money you need to promote yourself or your band and achieve more success! Just like businesses need investors so do musicians. We think of musicians as businesses themselves and to become known sometimes requires funds that bands and artists sometimes just don’t have.


As with all the tools we produce here at TuneFreak, we’ve also made this one super easy to use meaning you don’t need to know programming or have design skills. We like to make tools that everyone can use quickly and easily.

Take a look at how easy we’ve made it!


Easy to use editor


Super simple WYSIWYG (what-you-see-is-what-you-get) editor. This editor will allow you to simply type in what you want, upload pics, place videos, bold text and more. Using this tool you’ll be able to establish your fundraising site in less than 10 minutes.

How much money are you trying to raise?


How much do you need?


In this area all you’ll need to do is input how much money you are trying to raise, how soon (or how late) and are there any rewards. Rewards can be both tangible and intangible items that a backer / funder will receive for funding you. For instance, if someone donates $10 you may send them a copy of the new CD.


Personalize Your FundMe Website


Easy to use editor

In less than 5 minutes you can easily establish a professional intro page for your fund raising website. This page will allow you to showoff your best picture or art as well as include a description of you / your band.


Frontend after editing

The frontend of your fundraiser site will tell the world and your potential funders who you are and what you are trying to do. This is a great way to build rapport with prospective donators and most will expect some type of similar information to be provided.


Multiple Donation Projects


Multiple projects can be funded by funders

By using our FundMe sites, you can create unlimited projects for funding. Here’s what we mean, say you are a band and need money for 3 things; your new CD, new microphones for on stage and logo creation for online usage.

With FundMe you can create listings for each ‘project’ you have which will create a dedicated page for you to pitch it to your prospects online.

Another great feature of our service is that you can run donation projects for as long as you need to!


Keep 100% of Your Donations!

Other popular fund raising / funding services online will sometimes take a percentage or charge you to use the service. We don’t do this and we’re proud to say that our service is 100% free to use.


Receive Funding via PayPal

Actually receiving your money is both easy and instant. You can choose to receive your money instantly via PayPal or manually by means of a money order / check sent thru the mail (you specify these options).


Example FundMe Musician Funding Website

Click the link above to see our working demo / example funding website.