Our Easy Musician Website Builder


Quickly create your brand-new musician website in minutes!

We know that time is one of the most valuable assets to a musician other than fans and money.

Therefore, we have created our website builder to be both quick and easy to use. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist or even a computer nerd to use it.

Easy to Use Website Builder

We’ve built this tool to both save musicians time as well as help them establish a professional official website on the Internet. We’re sure that you will find our platform is not only quick and easy to use, but is also beautiful and modern in design.

It’s super simple to use our editor to create your website quickly! Easily bold text, upload pictures and more. All with a few clicks of your mouse and strokes of your keyboard!

There are millions of musicians that do not have a website, which has its repercussions:

  • Music not being heard
  • Musicians not being acknowledged

Official Musician Website Templates

Unlike our competitors, musicians can have different themes / templates for websites.

After signing up for your official website you’ll be able to choose how you want your / your bands website to look.

New musician site themes are regularly created for TuneFreak users. Some templates / themes may be PRO level and will require a TuneFreak PRO account to use them. These themes include important features such as responsive design (works on computers, mobile phones and tablets), specific features and more.

PRO Website Addons


To give musicians the most bang for their bucks, we’ve created an addons section within you website builder that will allow you to enable powerful website extensions.

Perhaps you want to track visitors across your website, or visitors that come from your fan newsletters to your latest posts/music uploads. Now you can easily accomplish these technical feats with our easy to use website addons (included with PRO plans).

These include functionality such as:

  • Fan Newsletters
  • Stores (Sell music & merchandise)
  • Statistics (Useful information about your website’s visitors)

Like to Blog?

website-builder-blog-posts Your new official musician website will also include a blog/journal which you can use to detail your latest progress and to update your fans of news.

Blogging is also a good way to increase your search engine exposure on search engine such as Google, Yahoo/Bing and others. Increasing your search engine exposure can lead to new visitors as well as new fans visiting your website.

Blogging also has other benefits which include:

  • Increased audience at events blogged about
  • Enhanced Mixtape / Album awareness
  • Comments / Interaction with fans

Fancy Keeping in Touch with Fans?


With our Newsletters addon it’s super simple to mail your fans!

  1. First, easily create a mailing list for fans to signup to.
  2. Second, place a widget on your website within a few clicks to collect fan email addresses.
  3. Third, create emails to be sent to your fans after they subscribe.
  4. Fourth, fans will be automatically emailed your set emails in order of signup.
  5. Receive more visitors to your mixtapes, albums and anything else you want to receive exposure.

Info Overload? Use Our Widgets!

Our widgets provide areas on your website that you can use to place content in. For example, if you have our Newsletter service enabled on your account with us you can place a widget to collect email addresses.

On the other hand, perhaps you want to accumulate views / plays on your SoundCloud, ReverbNation or Youtube. You can easily place a widget on your website to feature a player from one of these websites.