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Websites for rappers and rap musicians. These websites are geared towards rap music which will instantly blend in with what you are trying to accomplish as a rap artist in the hip hop or rap business. With several rap artist already using our services we are able to gauge what rap artists need. As you’ll see below, we have a complete set up for rappers that need a website. You can get started today with no money and no credit card needed whatsoever.

Benefits of Having a Website

There are thousands of other rappers in the rap music industry trying to succeed. A very large percentage of these rappers do not have websites, which lowers their chances of success because they are not being promoted properly on the Internet. But you can differ yourself and boost your exposure by building your own rapper website!

Some of the Features You’ll Receive

  • Stream your music to fans
  • Sell music to fans and visitors
  • Connect with fans via social media
  • Sell merch on your website
  • Receive fanmail from visitors
  • Present pictures / videos
  • Advanced Features
  • And much more!


Emulate famous mainstream hip hop/rap artists and provide free music streaming on your website! This will allow you to connect with your fans by previewing and allowing them to download your latest music.
Make money by selling your own music on your own website! Keep 100% of your sales proceeds earned on your new rap website.
Make a name for yourself by connecting with your fans on the Internet. Fans and visitors to your new website will be able to not only share your content with others, but also discuss your content on your brand-new website.
Make even more money by selling your own / brand / label’s merchandise on your new website! Again, you’ll keep 100% of all of your profits! There are several indie musicians that are making a living by doing this as a professional independent artist.
Let your fans be heard. All TuneFreak websites come loaded with easy-to-use contact forms for your visitors and fans. It takes less than five seconds for your fans to send you a quick message. This is a great way to receive feedback and make new rap music connections.
Pictures & Videos In addition to music streaming, our free websites for rappers feature the ability to upload and display other types of media such as photos and videos. We support YouTube, Vimeo and other popular video hosting platforms in case you use one of them. Advanced Features Some of the above are actually advanced features. While we offer free websites as the base to all accounts with us, we do offer upgraded accounts as well as the ability to purchase single features for those that may not need all of the features of an upgraded account. We make it incredibly easy to make your dreams possible, without costing an arm and a leg, or your soul (industry humor).

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