Website Visitor Statistics

Knowledge Is Half the Battle

Musician Websites Statistics

An important part of running any successful website is a clear focus on statistics, otherwise known as stats.

By knowing what your visitors are doing on your website you’ll immediately know what your audience favors about your music. Here are a few examples:

  • What’s your best performing song?

By collecting and viewing statistics you can remain informed of your latest best performing songs.

  • What’s your best performing online content?

If you post you or your band’s news to your website you can track which pieces of content are your best

Say it’s your latest photoshoot blog post on your website – if this post receives the most hits from your visitors then you’ll know that photoshoots perform well for you or your band.



Visitor Demographics

Where are your website visitors from? This can also be an indicator of geographic areas you should consider entering.

Example1 Website Visitors

If You’re Geeky like Us…

Our statistics will give you all metrics of information about your visitors to your musician website with us. Some of this information is for advanced users such as computer geeks but can be very valuable if you are performing any type of marketing including advertising.

For instance, when advertising you may want to reach mobile phone users that have smaller screen sizes. In this case, one would certainly desire the responsive musician website themes aspect that our PRO plans offer.


Information such as knowing which devices your users use when visiting your website. Or even knowing what type of web browsers your users like to use when visiting your website can give you valuable insight which can help you to sell more music and reach more fans.

Even more, we give you information about your visitors operating system such as Windows 7 and Linux.


If your users like to visit your website on cell phones or tablets we’ll be able to tell you that as well.