Musicians: Sell Merchandise

Funds Will Allow You / Your Band to Develop

Got Merch? Now Sell It!

Fans love to connect with the musicians that they love, and purchasing merchandise from these musicians is no exception!

Start selling your very own awesome merchandise on your official website with us.


What’s allowed?

Our platform doesn’t restrict you to what can sell (follow your local laws is all we ask). Any of the following work well:

  • Uppers (t-shirts, long sleeves, xmas sweaters)
  • Lowers (shorts, pants, capris)
  • Accessories (hats, jewelry, rings, gag gifts)

Different musicians use different swag to impress and reward their fans, so it’s totally up to you.


It’s Easy

We’ve made it a super simple 3 step process to sell music related merchandise items on your website.

First, you’ll create an item on your website that your fans can check out when visiting.

Second, your fans will add this item to their shopping cart before checking out.

Last, they’ll checkout and pay for the items they added to their shopping cart.

Within this process there is no need for you to email back and forth before receiving payment like 99% of transactions are handled domestically.

Imagine selling beats without hassle, digitally provide licenses, beats and more without moving a muscle.



Fulfillment / Shipping

You’ll simply need to have your items for sale in hand to ship when an order is received. Many clients allow their management companies to fulfill orders as well.

We also have a service coming soon to simplify this.