Newsletters Rolling Out!

Newsletters Rolling Out!

New Tool for Musicians

We have an exciting new feature being added to our service lineup for musicians!

As always we are very eager to create new tools that can help you to succeed as a musician. One of these new tools that we are rolling out right now is newsletters.

Introducing Newsletters by TuneFreak

Musician Fan Newsletters are a very powerful feature because it allows you to easily remain in contact with your fans, management, and any others that may need updates from you on a regular basis via email. Just think of all the different ways that you can take advantage of this feature and use it in your everyday promotion – hands-free!

How Musician Newsletters Work

Just like the rest of our tools this one is also very user-friendly and takes no time at all to set up. Afterwards, you can either import emails that you want to be added or you can allow your fans to visit your website that you create with us to add themselves on your TuneFreak page. Super simple!


Quick & Easy to Use Editor

How Is This Useful?

By remaining in contact with fans you’ll start becoming a lot more successful. For instance, you may sell more music to your fans if they know about it on the other hand you may be able to sell more concert tickets by informing them of events ahead of time. Marketing is very important for a musician just like it is for business! Email marketing is no different than advertising.

Boost Productivity

As a musician you are very busy with a hectic schedule and any tools that can help you market yourself are very valuable. That’s why we’ve created our easy to use Newsletters.

How Do I Get Mine?

It’s easy to begin using our newsletter functionality, all you need to do is sign up for a TuneFreak account.