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Thousands of Musicians websites comfortably made easy by The Freak – TuneFreak.

We’ve literally helped hundreds of musicians make websites simply and easily! Our credits range from DJs, Rappers, R&B Artists, Singers, Managers, Promoters, Producers / Beat Makers and more!

Websites are not easy for everyone to make. On top of that you’ve got many places that want to charge you just to get started! We don’t believe learning / getting started should cost a person. We are basically lending our platform to you to get started with and learn how to establish your website while you are establishing your website! Simple!

It’s no wonder why musicians trust us, we make it easy for you to make a difference in your exposure and promotion online.

Thank you TuneFreak! Yall made it easy for me to make my website.


Rap Musician

Our Amazing Team

They say it takes a good team to really deliver a powerful service such as ours.

That’s why we choose only the best when it comes to our staff. We aren’t perfect but we are the best at what we do. Maybe it’s because we actually care?



Chief Freak

Over 15 years of experience in Information Techology. From Linux to Windows to HTML to JS to PHP to GUI to Command Line. Our platform rests in his hands.



Lead Artist Development

Being an awesome speaker Dee is able to communicate what artists need to the business and get it done. He also contributes awesome ideas at our meetings and ‘Sunday Fundays’.

Where Are You From?

We hail loud and clear from 2 physical locations. Greenville, South Carolina and Jacksonville, Florida.

We are looking forward to even more future success by joining all other national and international markets physically as well.

Greenville, South Carolina

Our roots began in Greenville, South Carolina – a gorgeous town with a nice mix of music, styles and people.

We have multiple employees residing in Greenville. Mike & Darren were both born here.

Jacksonville, Florida

Since our inception, we’ve diversified into the Jacksonville, Florida market.

We are looking forward to even more future success by joining all other national and international markets physically as well.

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