What are TFTokens?

TFTokens are our way of providing value to TuneFreak users. We created them to be able to give them to TuneFreak users for performing things on our website and around the internet.

What can TFTokens be used for?

In addition to allowing our users to withdraw TFTokens, we're happy to announce that in Phase 1, we're allowing TFToken redemption for things like ads, services and more.

How are they used?

Currently, TFTokens are initially only used on tunefreak.com and any TuneFreak partners that also accept TFTokens (more on this at a future date). We'd like for them to become listed on exchanges so that users can also trade TFTokens if they'd like. Though we're not advocating/pitching/etc TFTokens as an investment vehicle.

How do I get them?

Really easily! Simply use TuneFreak. For example, when you signup to TuneFreak you'll receive 10 TFTokens as a bonus. In addition to that you'll also get them for things such as uploading beats, posting your links and much more.

Roadmap of TFToken

Last updated: May 13th 2021

Summer 2021: Initial release along with tunefreak.com
Late 2021: Contests, tipping of TFToken on tunefreak.com and more
Late 2021 - Early 2022: Advocacy of TFToken being listed on marketplaces

We know this is very brief but we wanted this to at least be drafted so that it gives a rough idea as well as the fact that we'll update later. If you have questions please contact us.

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