5 Musician Fundraising Ideas

Musician Fundraising

Today we have 3 musician fundraising ideas to empower musicians to raise funds allowing them more growth and success. This list will have you collecting funds in no time!

Raffles at Venues


A raffle is a game of sorts that people play to win prizes. The game is played by obtaining numbered tickets / cards that players pick at random out of a hat or container. Winners are determined by a judge or selected person calling out numbers of tickets that have been picked.

Depending on the ticket number you may win different levels of prizes. Prizes are predetermined before players are able to pick tickets. Prizes are basically associated with ticket numbers that can be picked.

You’ll be able to raise money for yourself or your band by selling tickets to this game / event. In general, tickets usually range from free to $20 each, depending on the event and prizes being given away.

Autographed Photos


Your photos may be worth money later on in life just like rookie baseball cards are worth lots when the player becomes an MVP. As you grow in your music career this rule also applies to you. People are aware of this fact and are usually willing to invest into someone if they can get an autographed object in return.

You can autograph anything from photos to microphones, that choice is yours but we do know this is an excellent way to connect with fans and raise funds at the same time.

Local Car Washes W/ Music


Another great way to raise money for your music is to host a local car wash.

If you are a music group it’ll be easy for you to wash cars quickly which will generate money more quickly. Otherwise if you are a solo musician you may want to invite friends, partners and other collaborators to help out at your event.

You’ll not only raise money this way but you’ll more importantly connect with your local population that supports your music! A perfect way to get the word out and generate buzz.

cookout-party-fundraiserLocal BBQ / Cookout

Let’s face it, people like to eat and BBQ is usually a crowd favorite, so why not combine this with good music that you or your band produces? Sell plates for a flat fee and you can arrange a mini concert at a venue that you select. Short get togethers have been proven to boost sales of merch, albums and put performers on the map.

Local Dance Contests

Depending on the genre of music that you perform in you may or may not like this last idea. Hosting dance contests at local venues is another good way for musicians to fundraise.

A local dance contest will bring out crowds that like dance music, prefer a few drinks and want to have a good time. All of which generate income for musicians and venues which is a huge win-win. Sometimes a venue will allow you to host a party for free or very little if you let them keep the ‘bar money’ (money from drink sales, etc).


More Musician Fundraising Ideas Coming Soon!