Introducing: Media Market for Musicians

music-noteWe have created a tool for musicians of all types including those that make beats / instrumentals, vocalist, VSTs creators and others can now easily sell their media creations online quickly and easily.

Our Media Market allows users to quickly purchase media that they can use in their next song production. This makes it easy as well as a lot faster to create professional music without the need to seek quality media creations saving time & money.

How Can Musicians Profit from Our Traffic?

We’re spending thousands of dollars in advertising to bring more visitors, fans and musicians to TuneFreak. We invite all types of musicians to take advantage of this fact so that they can succeed more. This is a huge reason we built a media market in the first place – at this current time, unless you already know someone that makes beats you may have a difficult time finding quality beats & instrumentals.

Majority of this problem is that there are so many different places on the Internet where you can find music, some better than others, some less and they all are independent with different ways of conducting business. We are solving this problem by bringing everyone together under one roof where we can all prosper as one and make awesome music at the end of the day for fans and new listeners.

What Types of Media Is on the Market?

Media Market features the following types of media files, types and formats:

  • Beats / Instrumentals
  • Samples
  • Sounds
  • Vocals
  • VSTs
  • & more!

What Does It Cost?


The number one question, price. We know that all musicians do not have million-dollar budgets and have created our marketplace to reflect that. We encourage budget pricing but ultimately the price of each item is set by the seller independently. Since sellers are able to sell a lot more media using our platform and they usually have lower pricing on our media market vs other places.

Free Beats, Sounds and Other Media Files

Not everything on our market is for sale, many files are free and have no cost tied to them. Sellers are able to specify license terms even for free files so please be sure to check the licensing.

Now Partneringmusic-girl-violist

We are now partnering with talented and professional media creators such as those that make beats, sound samples, vocal a cappella and more. We are looking to join forces by providing our technical prowess, infrastructure and more to create a successful team.

Join us by clicking here to register for our media market.