Music Marketing: 3 Ways To Get More Song Plays

Music Marketing: 3 Ways To Get More Song Plays

Music Marketing made Easy

In this post will be discussing three different music marketing techniques that you can use to get more song plays immediately! Being a upcoming musician it is very important that you know how to promote your music to receive exposure. It’s also very important that you reach as many people as possible with your music.

Just like when you sell albums and get on top chart lists, getting plays (such as YouTube views & SoundCloud plays) on the Internet is no different and can potentially rank your music higher than other musicians on certain websites such as SoundCloud and LiveMixtapes. These types of ranking lists can help to show where musicians are doing well and which ones are not. That’s why we took the time to write this post, so that you can get more plays and stand out from the rest of the crowd.


1st Way To Get More Views / Plays

Example 4Website – ( CREATE YOURS FREE )

A website can be a major tool in getting more plays and views to your songs. It doesn’t matter if you use YouTube, or some other type of video/song hosting platform. You should be able to embed your song or music video into your official website page and each time somebody visits your page your song(s) should be able to play. This will result in your plate/view count incrementing.

So for instance, if I have my sound cloud player all my page and received 100 visitors who all listen to at least one song I would have gained 100 new plays in that one day, even though the plays didn’t happen on


2nd Way To Get More Views / Plays

Paid traffic ( Musician Online Advertising Management Coming Soon )

fb-adsAnother option to receiving more plays/views on your music is to use paid advertising such as:

Paid advertising can be one of the quickest ways to receive more people viewing your website and plays to your songs. There are a variety of advertising methods of which one of the most popular is Google and Facebook advertising. Facebook works especially well for musicians because of the social element of the platform.

It does not depend on the genre of music that you make, you’ll be able to filter demographics to select particular types of people that you want to listen to your music.


3rd Way To Get More Views / Plays

Social Media ( Musician Social Media Management Coming Soon )

Lastly, but certainly not the least is the power of social media. Most musicians already have a twitter account or a Facebook account. You can take this a step further by creating messages to be posted out on a regular basis concerning your music or official website.

This can generate massive traffic to the destination that you specify which will surely lead to many more views and plays of your music.


Social media can also generate:

  • Followers
  • Likes
  • Other positive interactions.

Many, many artists have also been able to collaborate together with social media, whereas this may not have been possible without social media tools.

Look forward to more music marketing and how-to guides from us in the future!