Musician Charts, Recap

In this blog post we’re going to review one of our latest features, the Charts for musicians!

Charts are a great way to get you and your music ranked within the TuneFreak network! Soon, you’ll even be able to win free stuff such as beats, recording equipment such as mics, free service coupons and much more! Just for ranking high in our Charts.

How Our Charts Work

Our charts work off of what you and your fans do! We tally up and build our charts with information such as the number of music plays you receive, or the number of times that a person has visited your website. We pay attention to this data and analyze it to make sure that everything is accurate. Afterwards, we then take this processed statistic data and use it to build our musician charts.Musician Charts by TuneFreak

Next, our musician charting system then ranks users based upon their totals that have been accumulated and added up in the previous step. This gives us a nice visual chart / top-list table that we can present to you.

How Often Are Charts Updated?

Our charts are updated by the minute! So if you receive any new visitors to your TuneFreak Musician Website, you’ll be able to instantly see that progress on our musician charts. Oh and by the way, our competitors don’t show real-time information like we do.

How You Can Get Listed

Get started instantly by clicking here and registering for a musician account. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an artist, a DJ, a management company or what type of genre of music you perform — everyone is welcome to sign up for free.

After you sign up for our service, you should begin to share your website with everyone you know! This is very important as it will allow you to get visitors to your website which will allow you to rank for musician website views. Secondly, anyone that plays music from your music player on your musician website with us will automatically count for music plays on our charts/top list.

Charts Are Beneficial

Embrace the nature of our charts, after all they can help you to receive more recognition as well as boost your credibility. More and more musicians are starting to notice that they can also receive free traffic and new listeners based upon their ranks alone.