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Now, utilize the power of cryptocurrency and blockchain to digitalize your productions.

Maybe you want to assign ownership of a beat using the blockchain, perhaps you'd like to receive royalties whenever beat ownership is changed or maybe you want to take producing to the next level?

No need to be an expert. Just give us the details and we'll handle the technical, geeky part!

Professor TuneFreak

What are NFTs??

NFTs, aka Non-fungible Tokens, are assets that exist on cryptocurrency blockchains (think Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc). NFTs are basically a digital way to represent things such as art, beats (as of now, go TuneFreak!) and other things. This converts things into one-of-a-kind, verifiable assets that are also easy to transfer and trade using cryptocurrency blockchains (ledgers).

A Few Benefits

Instant Transfers

License Verification

Collect Royalties

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